ID Card Printers, also known as card printers , are used worldwide to print secure identification cards, payment cards, authorization cards, and visitor badges for corporate, educational, and other uses. These electronic card printers come with a Card Feeder and Output card hopper to facilitate bulk printing, reduce resource utilization, and automate volume printing. The Card Feeder can fed cards into the Printer, one-by-one, while the output card hopper can hold printed cards. Different card printers can accept different card thickness and dimensions. The most common dimensions are 85.60 x 53.98 mm, where most of the printers can accept variable dimensions at the same time.

There are various types of ID card Printers available in market including but not limited to:

Single Sided ID Card Printers

The single sided ID card Printers are preferred for high volume printing of corporate identification cards, student ID cards, and Loyalty cards, etc. These affordable and moderate card printers feature secure authorization with apt personalization options and convenient operations. Some single sided ID card printers offer the flexibility to transform into dual sided printers with just a simple optional configuration.

Double Sided ID Card Printer

Double sided Printers or the Dual sided Printers are the most widely used ID card Printers. Double sided printers can print on both sides of a blank card in just one go. These intuitive card printers save time, minimize resource utilization, and boost security with dual sided printing in a single step, full color or monochrome design facilities, and bulk printing options.

ID Card Laminators

Intuitive ID card Printers incorporate ID Card Laminators to offer a complete solution to businesses. Lamination protects ID cards from scratch, fading, and dye-migration, increasing the durability of the card with a heat coated laminate over the surface of the card.